Welcome to the Jungle

Hi guys !!
Welcome to yet another blog and maybe just something that you needed.

If you are looking for something to tell you how bad your life is going or something to tell you that you are the only one facing it or that you are the person who is always wronged and that you need to keep cribbing about it then my dear you are on the very wrong blog !!!10616148_10153022297096840_3082230707829027756_n.png

Now one good thing about this blog is that it wouldn’t have a fixed genre. One day we might talk about some lesser important topics like Indian politics and the string theory and the other day we might talk about some important global issues like Charlie Sheen’s HIV and about the guy who won the Nobel prize in biology for his research in medicines for curing Kejriwals’s coughing problem. So basically you can chill mostly and be serious at times as well

This , my friend is the reality where bad news never has good timing and just when you are happy someone and something will fuck things up  ,just like that hair that comes in your bhaji which you had just started enjoying and for which you had paid forty rupees.But you will realize that it is the End Where You Begin(and by that we DO NOT mean that you start eating the hair).

We really hope that you like our articles and if you do , please follow us to get notified about our new articles.

p.s – please  don’t take us to jail for not saying hi to girls. We are not sexist.  ALL HAIL WOMEN EMPOWERMENT!


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